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23 Nov 2015 Example Mapping is the brainchild of Matt Wynne. He created a simple technique that can steer the conversation into breaking down any
 Examples. Discover how the Information Mapping® Method can be applied to a wide variety of documents in various media.
 8 Dec 2015 Example Mapping uses a pack of 4-coloured index cards and some pens to capture these different types of information as the conversation
 Let's have a look at mind mapping examples together. I have some maps that can teach us to become better mind mappers and visual thinkers.
 21 Nov 2016 Process mapping is a typical example of a BPM concept that many still use incorrectly. In an attempt to manage activities and processes and
 Example impact map. The map illustrates a milestone of an online gaming platform. The key business goal for this milestone is to increase the number of active
 25 May 2016 A few months ago i came across Matt Wynne's post about Example Mapping on the cucumber blog. During XP2016 I attended Matt's Example
 examples; Process Map Examples and Templates. Process Map Examples and Templates. Begin diagramming today with any of our process map templates.
 2 Jun 2016 At Agile 2015, I learned about example mapping from Matt Wynne. Linda Rising's session reinforced my enthusiasm to continue doing small,