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28 Mar 2016 You have successfully turned off the SSL 3.0 protocol in your Firefox browser. you have successfully re-enable SSLv3 in Mozilla Firefox.
 21 Sep 2013 Mozilla Firefox 24.0 defaults to SSL 3.0 for the lowest type of encryption and TLS 1.0 as the highest type of encryption. Type in about:config.
 7 Aug 2013 (4) To disable TLS of one flavor or another, double-click security.tls.version.max and enter the desired value: 0 = up to SSL 3.0. 1 = up to TLS 1.0. 2 = up to TLS 1.1 See WARNING below.
 7 Apr 2016 To enable TLS 1.1 and/or TLS 1.2 protocols on web browsers, see the list below. Microsoft Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Opera Apple Safari Microsoft There are no options for enabling SSL protocols.
 2 Dec 2014 After applying the RHSA-2014:1919 security update, Firefox will no longer establish HTTPS connections using the outdated SSL 3.0 protocol
 30 Dec 2015 My bank has decided to discontinue the support of SSLv.1 protocol and replace it wth Firefox 43 supports TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 by default.
 28 Mar 2017 To Enable SSL3 in your Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser: If, after following the steps above, Firefox maintains its view that SSL is disabled, try one Double click security.tls.version.max or security.tls.version.min and set the
 Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox; Goggle Chrome / Chromium (Windows); Google Chrome (Max Scroll down the list to uncheck “Use SSL 3.0” and check “Use TLS 1.0”. This setting will make TLS 1.0 the minimum required protocol version.
 In the Enter integer value window, in the security.tls.version.min box, type 1 to make TLS 1.0 the minimum required protocol version, and then click OK. You have successfully disabled the SSL 3.0 protocol in your Firefox browser.