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Pango (stylized as ????) is a text layout engine library which works with the HarfBuzz shaping engine for displaying multi-language text. Full-function rendering
 Cogl Pango 2.0 Reference Manual. for Cogl 1.99.1. Copyright © 2013 Intel Corporation. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
 Pango Reference Manual: Text Attribute Markup. Text Attribute Markup — Simple markup language to encode text with attributes. Pango Text Attribute Markup Language.
 Description. Pango utilizes a module architecture in which the language-specific and render-system-specific components are provided by loadable modules.
 Pango Reference Manual <<< Previous Page: Home: Up: Next Page >>> Glyph Storage. Name Glyph Storage -- Structures for storing information about glyphs. Synopsis