Ruby inline if statement

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ruby one line if without else
favor modifier if usage when having a single-line body
ruby one line unless
ruby if else assignment
ruby multiple statements on one line
ruby ternary if
ruby if else shorthand
ruby if then else



 Sometimes, you want to initialize a variable to some value only if that variable is equal to nil. If you This is more a matter of personal taste than anything else.
 <%if @item.rigged %>Yes<%else%>No<%end%>. I was thinking of Remove if from if @item.rigged ? "Yes" : "No". Ternary operator has form
 The simplest form of flow control and logic in Ruby is called an "if statement" (or technically speaking in Ruby, since everything is an expression, an "if
 This Ruby page uses the if-statement, elsif and else. It shows the unless statement.
 24 Dec 2011 Ruby has some amazing shorthands for IfThenElse Statements. These shorthands beautifully consolidate three or more lines of code into
 Ruby ifelse, case, unless - Learning Ruby in simple and easy steps A beginner's tutorial containing complete knowledge of Ruby Overview, Environment Setup
 Chris Chris schrieb: > How can I put a statement like > > if 5 == 5 > puts multiple lines go on a single line through the use of semicolons: if 5
 31 Jul 2012 In Ruby, we can write a conditional containing a single expression that normally takes up three lines: unless condition something end.
 The if statement includes a true-or-false expression: if 4 == 2 + 2 .. Ruby provides a neat inline form for if/else statements, when the logic in your script is simple: